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Course 1 : Learn About Bees

Section 1.2
The Life of Bees
Test Pass Required
1: Inside and Out of the Beehive
2: The Role of the Drone Bee
3: The Role of the Queen Bee
4: The Role of the Worker Bee
5: How Bees Sense and React to Their World
6: Why and How Bees Forage
7: How Do Bees Make Honey?
8: Sticking with Propolis
9: Understanding The Honey Flow
10: How Bees Manage Temperature & Moisture
11: Fat Bees and the Winter Cluster
12: Why and How Bees Swarm
13: Section Test : 1.2 The Life of Bees
Section 1.3
About Beekeeping
Test Pass Required
1: The Philosophy of Natural Beekeeping
2: Beekeeping with Kids
3: The Growth Urban of Beekeeping
4: Understanding Bee Stings
5: Finding Beekeeping Clubs and Mentors
6: Beekeeping and The Neighbors
7: Beekeeping Books For Your Bookshelf
8: Why Beekeeping Matters
9: The Hidden Benefits of Beekeeping
10: Thoughts on Responsible Beekeeping
11: Section Test: 1.3 About Beekeeping

Course 2 : Your Beehive

Section 2.1
Beehives & Accessories
Test Pass Required
1: A Practical Guide to Starting Beekeeping
2: What Bees Need
3: What Beekeepers Need
4: The Common Types of Beehives
5: The Langstroth Beehive
6: The Top Bar Beehive
7: The Warre Beehive
8: The Flow Hive
9: Foundationless Beekeeping
10: The Practicalities of Setting Up a Beehive
11: Section Test: 2.1 Beehives & Accessories
Section 2.2
Equipment & Clothing
Test Pass Required
1: Beekeeping With a Smoker
2: Using Feeders With Your Beehive
3: Tools for Beekeepers to Consider
4: Beekeeping Protective Clothing Overview
5: Beekeeping and Technology
6: Section Test: 2.2 Equipment & Clothing
Section 2.3
Starting Your Beehive
Test Pass Required
1: Questions for the New Beekeeper
2: Preparing and Installing Your Beehive
3: Obtaining Bees for a Beehive
4: Installing a Package of Bees
5: Installing a Nucleus Colony
6: Installing a Swarm Of Bees
7: Practical Guidance for New Beekeepers
8: An Introduction to Feeding Bees
9: Contrarian Ideas for Beekeepers
10: Family and Friends in Beekeeping
11: An Introduction to the Brood Nest
12: Tracking Beehive Progress
13: The Beehive Inspection
14: Beekeeping Advocacy
15: Beekeeping Myths
16: Section Test: 2.3 Starting Your Beehive

Course 3 : A Healthy Beehive

Section 3.1
Threats To Bees
Test Pass Required
1: A Practical Guide to a Thriving Colony
2: Introducing Colony Collapse Disorder
3: An Overview of the Main Threats to Bees
4: The Threat of Robbing
5: Small Hive Beetle and Bees
6: The Lifecycle and Dangers of Wax Moths
7: From Tiny Mice to Big Bears
8: American and European Foulbrood
9: Nosema and Chalkbrood
10: An Introduction to Tracheal Mites
11: The Threat of Varroa Mites: Part 1
12: The Threat of Varroa Mites: Part 2
13: Section Test: 3.1 Threats to Bees
Section 3.2
Inspecting Your Beehive
Webinar Recording
Watch Now
Test Pass Required
1: Learning from Deadout Inspections
2: Big Issues to Check at the Hive Inspection
3: Queenlessness in Your Hive
4: When to Consider Requeening
5: Recognizing and Avoiding Swarms
6: What is Bearding?
7: Understanding the Brood Pattern
8: An Introduction to Cross Comb
9: Splitting a Hive
10: Introduction to Queen Rearing: Part 1
11: Introduction to Queen Rearing: Part 2
12: Overwintering Honey Bees
13: Preparing for Deep and Long Winters
14: Managing Moisture In The Hive
15: Managing Hive Capacity
16: Moving a Hive
17: A FAQ for the Committed New Beekeeper
18: Section Test: 3.2 Inspecting Your Hive
Section 3.3
Reaping The Rewards
Test Pass Required
1: The Tangible Rewards of Beekeeping
2: Harvesting Honey: Part 1
3: Harvesting Honey: Part 2
4: An Introduction to Extracting Beeswax
5: Making Money From Beekeeping
6: Section Test: 3.3 Reaping The Rewards
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