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Would you like to be a PerfectBee Contributor?

Does this describe you?

  • You are an experienced beekeeper, with at least 4 years of real, hands-on experience. * Your passion for bees and beekeeping is no less than when you installed your first beehive
  • You love engaging with other beekeepers, particularly helping others. When doing so, you have a friendly, positive and respectful perspective at all times.
  • You have an open-minded, scientifically-based perspective, as you continue to learn more about bees
  • You have a healthy respect for the importance of spelling accuracy and good grammar.
  • As appropriate, you could be comfortable participating in fun and informal online webinars. You have or would enjoy participating in online groups to help other beekeepers
  • You have an interest or experience writing beekeeping articles, with a relaxed, informal and writing style

Note: Though we consider all interested parties, we are particularly interested to hear from folks with some experience writing about beekeeping and able to provide a sample or two.

Why do we ask?

Over the last few years, we have been honored and delighted at the interest we have seen for our website and content for beekeepers. We now have over 72,000 followers on Facebook and over 30,000 folks in our email list.

In addition to our extensive and entirely free content, our Colony membership was launched in early 2018 and continues to expand. And we are now seeking to expand our list of contributors!

How it works

Frankly, we don't have too many rules! We enjoy what we do and it's important that our contributors do too!

We're looking to establish a strong, friendly relationship with experienced beekeepers who want to give a little back. We are flexible about the scope and extent of these contributions.

But, above all, we want it to lead to unambiguous, accessible, friendly and valuable contributions for our visitors and members!

Interested? Here's how to let us know.

If this sounds interesting, we'd dearly love to hear from you.

To open a discussion, please go to our Contact Page and let us know a little about yourself. It would be helpful to know a little about your beekeeping experience and interests, plus the type of involvement with PerfectBee that could be of interest to you.

We'll get back to you soon and see where it leads!

Note * : We don't measure experience in years - that's just a guideline. We're more interested in the nature of your experience, your curiosity to continually learn about beekeeping and to help others benefit from your knowledge.

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